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The World of fragrance

A Parcours through the world of fragrance Grenouilles search for his olfactory identity.

Everything around us emits scent, all of which we mostly perceive on an uncons- cious level. Our body odor, unique as our fingerprint, brings us in constant olfactory contact with our environment whether we realize it or not. Through smells, sweat and pheromones, we communicate emotions, express affection or aversion and unknowlingly reveal many facets of our identity. 

Jean Baptist Grenouille, the protagonist in the novel Perfume by Patrick Süsskind, is born and abandoned by his mother in a stinking fish market in Paris. Only his extraordinarily sensitive nose keeps him alive, yet he discovers that he emits no scent himself. In search of an ideal olfactory identity, Grenouille carries out multiple murders to collect the essence of his victims into a unique and irresistible perfume. At the hour of his greatest triumph and his death, he realizes that his perfume is not his own identity but only an artificial olfactory identity that finally attracts the attention of his environment.


Conseptual sketches "Das Parfüm" 

Collages inspired by the book: "Das Parfüm" 

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