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Dialogue with Time

Traveling exhibition - Frankfurt/Main (2014), Berlin (2015) now permanently in Hamburg. Atelier Brückner,

Illustrations: Maya Weber

„Dialogue with Time“ is an exhibition about the process of aging and the elderly. Visitors to the exhibit learn about the lives of elderly people and also physically experience what it is like to be old. The exhibition consists of a number of stations where different aspects of aging are recorded in a creative and playful way.

Senior docents guide visitors through the exhibit. They are the experts and so lead this very special inter-generational dialogue aimed to reduce misconceptions or fears to help overcome stereotypes and prejudices. Intense colors were chosen for the exhibition „Dialogue with Time“ to stimulate a feeling of open-mindedness about the often tabu topics: aging and the elderly. During my internship at Atelier Brückner my job was to create illustrations from the stories and lives of seniors. My illustrations now form the background of the rooms throughout the exhibition.

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